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“Nashville’s CAYNE brings together the best of rock n’ roll, soul, hip hop and gospel, becoming the face of Music City’s future.

Beyonce raised more than a few eyebrows, including Jack White on 2016’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” off of her legendary Lemonade album... Nashville’s Jessica Cayne performs a similar alchemy, but in reverse. As CAYNE, Jessica Cayne updates classic soul roots rock with a powerful, hip-hop/r&b low-end. Kick drums bang like an artillery section, while ponderous hand-claps bring the party vibes, undeniable and irresistible.” 


Jessica Cayne is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Atlanta and currently living in Nashville, TN.  Cayne pulls from influences in Americana, pop, rock and soul to craft her particular brand of sound that is uniquely southern and uniquely her own.  

Jessica’s music can be heard in both film and television and has spent the the past few years writing for several artists across the country.  Most recently, Leah Turner (WME/COLUMBIA) and Jon Mero (The Voice).  Miss Cayne plans to put out an EP end of 2019.  Stay tuned. 

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